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Nerve Blocks & Ablations

Did you know that 10% to 40% of people who undergo spinal surgery still have residual symptoms like chronic pain and numbness in their back or legs? This phenomenon, known as failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), can be frustrating for people who undergo surgery, only to feel the same or sometimes worse than they did before.

At American Pain Consortium, we use minimally invasive treatments for pain, including nerve block injections and ablations. These outpatient procedures have a much shorter recovery time than spinal surgery and have proven to be more effective at alleviating chronic back pain.

A nerve block injection may contain a combination of pain-relieving medications like steroids, anesthetics, and analgesics that are injected into a nerve or nerve root that’s causing pain. For optimal results, people may need more than one injection (either during a single appointment or at regularly scheduled appointments), depending on their pain levels.

Our team has decades of experience providing spinal nerve block and ablation services. These innovative procedures take about an hour or less, and patients are usually able to return to normal, light activity in a week or two.

To learn more about how we can assist you in reducing your pain, call or reach out to us online today.


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