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Neck Pain Treatment in Indiana & Ohio

Helping Client's Regain Comfort and Mobility

Neck pain symptoms may come and go better on your posture and stress and activity levels. Neck pain often presents with neck stiffness, shoulder pain, muscle tightness, and jaw pain. If your condition involves nerve root compression (cervical radiculopathy), pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in an arm may also develop.

Causes of Neck Pain

Acute or chronic neck pain and headaches may have a number of causes, including muscular strain, spinal disorders, or arthritis. Because the spine is so complex, any condition affecting its nerves, discs, bones, or joints may cause symptoms elsewhere in the body.

Our board-certified pain management specialists at American Pain Consortium frequently diagnose the following causes of neck pain:

  • Acute neck trauma such as whiplash or disc herniation from a car accident, fall, or sports injury
  • Mechanical strain from prolonged poor posture
  • Degenerative conditions like degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, stenosis, osteoarthritis, or scar tissue from old injuries
  • Spinal deformities such as scoliosis
  • Weak core musculature (often as a result of sitting too much and using poor body mechanics)

After using thorough diagnostic tests and procedures, our team implements individualized neck pain treatment that may include nerve blocks, medications, or pain-relieving injections.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Depending on the source of the pain, we may use a variety of treatments to alleviate neck and head pain, such as nerve blocks, steroid injections, and physical therapy.

Your neck pain treatment plan might include:

Heat, ice, or bracing

Try alternating heat with ice packs, or wearing a neck brace to relieve pain and inflammation while an injury heals.

Physical therapy

Your doctor can refer you to a qualified physical therapist in your area to help you improve posture, stretch, and strengthen tissues in your neck to accelerate healing and relieve pain.


Steroid or numbing injections can alleviate neck pain and get you on the road to recovery quickly.

Electrical nerve stimulation

Your doctor can place electrodes on your skin to deliver electrical impulses and reduce pain signals to your brain.

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency energy can also block pain signals to your brain to alleviate neck discomfort naturally.

Alternative medicine

Your pain specialist may refer you out for chiropractic care, acupuncture, or massage therapy to alleviate neck pain without pain medicine or surgery.

Neck pain and headaches can be debilitating, but you don’t have to live with it. If neck pain doesn’t go away after a few days, is severe, or prevents you from working or staying active, visit American Pain Consortium for an evaluation. Contact us today.

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