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Pain Medication Management

We Help Patients Manage Pain Symptoms with Responsible Prescribing

Chronic pain is a serious health condition and can lead to complications that diminish quality of life, like depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. The pain can make it more challenging to hold down a job, manage a household, and maintain other responsibilities. Some research shows that the more severe the pain, the worse these problems become. Because of these reasons, finding effective pain management techniques is a critical goal, and yet, this process is highly complex and individualized for every person who has chronic pain. Your diagnosis, biology, and personal history are all important factors to consider when determining whether prescription pain medication would be appropriate for your condition.

As board-certified pain management specialists, our physicians at American Pain Consortium understand the important role prescription medication plays for some patients who suffer from chronic pain. At the same time, it’s just as important to know that pain medication alone is not an effective treatment nor is it intended as a long-term solution. Likewise, not every pain condition responds well to prescription painkillers, including in patients who have structural spinal abnormalities or certain health conditions.

If you’re a new patient to our practice and accustomed to using a specific type or dosage of pain medicine, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll continue prescribing it for you, because we want to be sure it is necessary, safe, and effective.

What is Opioid Medication?

Opioid medication is prescribed for intense pain stemming from a sudden source like a traumatic injury or to recover from surgery. The drugs are synthetically related to opium and “turn down the volume” of pain signals that your nervous system sends through the body by activating the body’s endorphins to suppress pain and boost your sense of wellbeing. Over time, your body will adapt to your dose as you build a tolerance, meaning they bring less relief than they used to, which is why we discourage long-term opioid use to prevent dependence or addiction to these drugs. The longer you use opioid medication, the more likely you are to become addicted to it.

What Other Treatments are Available Besides Prescription Painkillers?

Through working with your doctor, you can learn about pain management treatments that will allow you to live a more enjoyable, fulfilling life with a treatment approach that should include more than just medication. Our goal is to help patients regain their strength and mobility while minimizing their pain symptoms with treatments like nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulator implants, or steroid injections.

Opioid Agreement Policy

Because prescription painkillers like opioid medications are extremely potent and have a high potential for abuse, we only prescribe them to patients who sign an Opioid Agreement policy that dictates how their medication is to be used in a responsible manner. Violation of that agreement, misuse of medication, or other forms of non-compliance could result in termination of your medical care at our clinic.

The federal government has strict guidelines about opioid prescriptions and dosages. To ensure compliance with federal and state laws, we require patients to report to the clinic periodically for drug testing. We want to be sure patients are using their medication as directed and are continuing to benefit from it.

Patient Education

Opioid Safety

Medication Protection and Proper Disposal

Points to remember regarding opioid medication:

  • 1.Monitor: Know where the medications are at all times. Keep a count of how many you have and be on the lookout for “Seekers”.
  • 2.Never share that you are prescribed opioid medications with ANYONE outside of your immediate trusted family member(s).
  • 3.Secure: Keep this medicine in a locked cabinet or lock box AND out of the reach of children.

Proper Medication Disposal

Medication Dropbox Locator


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