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Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Alleviating Back Pain After Surgery

When conservative treatments have failed, back surgery may seem like the only solution for relieving chronic pain. Many people, however, experience back pain after surgery and worsening symptoms over time. This unfortunate outcome is known as post laminectomy syndrome or failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS).

FBSS affects an estimated 15-20% of back surgery patients. This condition is common following the surgical removal of bony overgrowth on the spine (laminectomy) and spinal fusion (the surgical joining of two or more vertebrae). According to Harvard Medical School, spinal fusion is a risky and usually unnecessary procedure that – at best – reduces pain by about 50%. American Pain Consortium has found that most back pain patients can improve significantly with conservative treatment.

If you need help for back pain and want to avoid a second back surgery, please request a consultation.

FBSS Causes

Pain that persists or becomes worse after back surgery may have several underlying causes, including:

  • Degenerative conditions, such as arthritis and degenerative disc disease
  • Excessive production of scar tissue near the nerve root (epidural fibrosis)
  • Inflammation of the membrane surrounding spinal nerves (arachnoiditis)
  • Structural changes in the spinal column
  • Spasms in muscles that control spinal column movement

We have extensive experience diagnosing the cause of post laminectomy pain, along with proven methods of pain relief.

Our Treatment Procedures

Our minimally invasive solutions for back pain relief may include a combination of treatments, such as physical therapy, medication management, and spinal cord stimulation implants, which replace pain signals with a slight tingling sensation. Our goal is to help our patients become stronger and improve their quality of life.

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For more than 25 years, American Pain Consortium has been providing relief for patients who have chronic back pain. Our pain management physicians, clinical pain specialists, and medical staff work together to create individualized treatment plans for every patient. A second back surgery isn't your only option for pain relief.

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