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Medical Research

Before a medication or medical device reaches the market, years of research must occur. Medical research helps determine whether new treatments are safe and effective, and whether the benefits outweigh any potential side effects. Dr. Gladstone C. McDowell II is proud to be actively involved in medical research and clinical trials.

At Integrated Pain Solutions, Dr. McDowell has tested groundbreaking new medications and pain treatments. This type of research helps manufacturers of medical devices and treatments improve outcomes for patients.

With his background in urologic oncology, Dr. McDowell was pleased to participate in a study for StimGuard – a type of peripheral nerve stimulation device that controls urinary incontinence. He has also studied the compatibility of proprietary nerve stimulation devices and different battery types.

People participate in clinical trials for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they’re hoping a new type of treatment may alleviate their symptoms, or because they’re concerned about the costs of existing treatments (many clinical trials are free for participants, and some trials may compensate patients for their time).

Generally, people who meet the study’s parameters, which may include age, overall health, and medical history, are eligible to participate.

If you have questions about our upcoming clinical trials, please call us at 614-383-6450


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