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First Visit

We want you to feel prepared and empowered when you arrive at our offices. Here is some information to help you come with everything you need and some information about our facilities and services.

Visit Length

To make an appointment, you must first call Integrated Pain Solutions or fill out a contact form online. Once you set your appointment, we want to take time to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your medical background and any previous treatments. This means your first visit may take longer than you are expecting. Our staff and physicians want your information to be entered into our systems correctly so you are set up for success. Your physician will assess your previous treatment and imaging so that you can avoid wasting time with strategies that have not brought you results. It also means your treatment can get on track faster, which brings you closer to the relief you seek.

Please make your best effort to arrive on time or shortly before the time set for your appointment at Integrated Pain Solutions. If you are late or miss your appointment, it may prevent you from seeing one of our physicians that day. We will reach out to help you reschedule a late or missed appointment, but please be aware that our policy has a limit for missed appointments. We work hard to respect our patients’ time so we can serve as many visitors as possible.

What to Bring

To avoid delays during your first visit, you will need to complete some paperwork and provide a few additional items. Be sure to bring the following:

All of the documents mentioned can be found under Patient Forms. Here you can also find our telemedicine waiver, Opioid Agreement, and Patient Treatment Agreement.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance can be difficult to navigate, so we urge you to take a few steps before setting your first appointment. First, you can check our accepted insurance page to see if your provider is listed. However, this list may have changed, so you can always find out more by contacting our offices and contacting your insurance provider directly. This will help to clarify if your insurance is accepted, if treatment is covered, and if you may qualify for a payment plan option or financial aid.

How to Find Us

Integrated Pain Solutions has 3 convenient locations in Ohio: Columbus, Springfield, and Dublin. Our Columbus location includes the Gemini Surgery Center where you can go for recommended outpatient procedures. Visit each location’s page to learn about the facility, find a list of the physicians, clinicians, and staff who work there, and get driving directions to the office.


Are you new to pain management and want to learn more? Here are a few facts about what guides our practice and our treatment.

At our pain management clinics, you can expect to find the best in pain relief treatment. Our physicians will always aim for the least invasive procedure possible to help you avoid an intense surgery with a long recovery time and risk of complications. We specialize in a wide variety of conditions, so whether you have pain that is in one area or widespread, we can help. You can read to learn more about the conditions we treat.

Integrated Pain Solutions has a diverse range of treatment options for acute or chronic pain. Our founder, Dr. Gladstone McDowell II, has done extensive research on pain management treatments and frequently presents at professional conferences. This means that we are always adding new treatments that are recommended by experts within the pain management community. To learn more, you can read our treatment page or visit our video library. The videos show several of the procedures we do with high-quality medical animations and guided narration.

Would you like some more general information about pain management and daily health tips? Then you may be interested in reading our blog.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, visit our FAQs to search further or call our offices directly at 614-383-6450.


We aim to exceed expectations in all of our services. Quality is at the center of all of our work. Our team members complete their jobs with accuracy and care, no matter the size of the task.

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