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Melissa HienemanMelissa Hieneman

Melissa Hieneman, has been with APC, parent organization of Integrated Pain Solutions, since 2020. Prior to taking on the practice manager role, she was the Marketing Director for APC Ohio region. Prior to joining APC, Melissa was the Clinical Coordinator for Integrated Pain Solutions since 2017.

She has 14 years of clinical experience, with 10 years being in Interventional Pain Management. She also has experience in Allied Health Education, as she was the Program Director for a Medical Assisting with General X-Ray Machine Operator program from 2012 to 2015. She has been responsible for many positions within the medical office, ultimately making Interventional Pain Management her chosen field.

Melissa received her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University and has been a Registered Medical Assistant accredited by American Medical Technology (AMT) since 2008.


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