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What Is Pain Management? Debunking the Myths

What Is Pain Management? Debunking the Myths

When you hear the term “pain management,” plenty of ideas may come to mind. Or maybe nothing comes to mind because you aren’t familiar with the term. Here is a breakdown of some myths surrounding pain management and the facts that can help you decide if pain management could be for you.

Myth #1: Pain Management=Regular Doctor Visits

Some people may believe that their general practitioner (GP) can help them manage their pain. It is possible that your GP may make recommendations to aid you with pain, but pain management is different. A doctor specializes in pain management, and this specialty is usually accompanied by a certification in anesthesiology. This means a pain management doctor not only makes recommendations but also can perform procedures relevant to your treatment. It can be comforting to know you’ll be working with the same physician throughout your program rather than moving from one specialist to the next.

Myth #2: Pain Management=Lots of Pills

Pain management treatments may or may not include any prescriptions. The goal of pain management is not to mask symptoms with pain medication but to target the pain at its source and hopefully provide long-term relief. At Integrated Pain Solutions, we believe in responsible medication management and will always follow the least invasive approach first. Luckily, we have a diverse range of treatments that include many outpatient procedures. Our physicians are also constantly researching and studying the latest developments in pain treatment, so we have unique offerings like spinal cord stimulator implants, intrathecal pain pump implants, and more.

Myth #3: Pain Management=for of the Elderly

While pain management can often benefit the elderly, it is not exclusively for conditions associated with old age. Pain management can treat both chronic pains from conditions such as spondylosis and sciatica and acute pain from conditions caused by sports injuries or workplace injuries. A pain management clinic can also serve those suffering from cancer-related pain or post-surgery pain. Another benefit is the vast variety of conditions that a pain specialist can treat. Integrated Pain Solutions provides services for pain that is located in one area of the body or is widespread with no clear source. Again, this helps you avoid moving from a foot specialist to a hand specialist to a neurologist and back. You can find what you need in one place.
If you’re now starting to think pain management could be right for you, then you may want to read about how to find a new pain management doctor. During this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to extend a special invitation to any women who suffer from pain following breast cancer-related surgery. Our services can help you work through the chronic pain that can plague you after surgery. Integrated Pain Solutions has three convenient locations to serve you in Columbus, Springfield, and Dublin, Ohio. Our physicians have extensive experience and work to provide the best outcomes for every patient. If you want to learn more, then contact Integrated Pain Solutions online or give us a call at 614-383-6405.