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Looking for the Best Shoes for Back Pain? Keep These 6 Tips in Mind

Looking for the Best Shoes for Back Pain? Keep These 6 Tips in Mind

Are your shoes making your back pain worse? Ill-suited or improperly fitting footwear can put added strain on your lower back by:

  • Increasing pressure on joints
  • Altering the alignment of your pelvis and spine
  • Shifting your center of gravity forward
  • Decreasing your stability

If it’s time for an upgrade and you’re not sure what to choose, check out these six tips that will help you find the best shoes for back pain.

1. Try Before You Buy

Take time to try on a pair of shoes before deciding to buy. This doesn’t mean just checking how they look in the mirror, either—walk around the store to get a feel for whether they’re a good fit.

Buying online? Check the return policy and don’t hesitate to send back a pair that doesn’t fit properly.

2. Pay Attention to the Heels

Heels that are too short or too high increase the pressure traveling through your feet, legs, and spine with every step you take. Make sure your heels are at the right height: not totally flat, but not higher than about two inches.

3. Check the Interiors

The insides of your shoes should contain some cushioning to help absorb force as you walk. Avoid shoes with too-firm inserts, and look for added cushioning in shoes you plan to run in. Custom orthotics may offer relief, too.

4. Look For Sturdy Soles

People with chronic back pain have an increased risk of falls, which can contribute to worsening pain, disability, and dysfunction. So, make sure the shoes you wear every day have sturdy non-slip soles.

5. Don’t Choose Fashion Over Feeling Good

Many dress shoes and summer shoes are not designed to prevent back pain—and in some cases could make your back feel even worse. Make your shoe selection with pain management in mind. You can always make a fashion statement with another item of clothing!

6. Put Them on Correctly

A great pair of shoes can still contribute to back pain if you’re not using proper body mechanics when taking them on or off. Here are some hints:

  • To avoid losing your balance, sit in a chair while donning or doffing your shoes
  • To increase stability in your back as you bend forward, brace your stomach by slightly pulling your belly button toward your spine
  • If you have trouble reaching your feet, or if it’s too painful to bend forward, adaptive equipment like a shoehorn can help tremendously

Ready to Take a Step in the Right Direction With Your Pain?

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