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7 Back Pain Causes and Risk Factors

Back pain has many causes and risk factors, and our team at Integrated Pain Solutions in Columbus, Ohio has treatments to address many of them.

Whether you know exactly what’s causing your pain or if your uncomfortable symptoms seemed to come out of nowhere, we encourage you to seek professional help. Chronic back pain is a leading cause of disability, and the sooner you uncover the root factors contributing to your dysfunction, the sooner you can find relief that lasts.

It’s not always clear why acute or chronic episodes of back pain develop, but we do know that certain factors make these episodes more likely. Here are seven of the most common back pain causes

1. Age-Related Changes or “Wear and Tear”

Cumulative stress and strain over time, combined with age-related changes in the elasticity and overall health of spinal tissues, can lead to conditions like spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, and degenerative disc disease.

2. Family History and Genetics

Some back pain conditions, like spondylitis, scoliosis, or certain forms of arthritis, often run in families.

3. Traumatic Events

Slips fall, and sports injuries all may lead to tissue damage in the low spine, leading to pain, stiffness, swelling, and other symptoms.

4. Low Fitness Level

Being less fit seems to increase your risk of lower back pain. Core muscles with good strength and stamina, as well as consistent aerobic exercise, can help stabilize the spine and promote blood flow to spinal tissues.

5. Job-Related Hazards

Do you repetitively lift heavy loads or operate heavy machinery at work? Conversely, do you sit at a desk all day? Both physically demanding labor AND sedentary activity can increase the risk of back pain due to the way these activities stress lower back structures.

6. Obesity

Carrying around excess weight increases stress on your spinal structures. Back pain is also common in pregnancy, when women gain weight, develop laxity in their ligaments due to hormonal changes, and see their center of gravity shift forward (because of a growing baby bump), which increases the relative load on the spine.

7. Smoking

Surprising, right? Studies have linked smoking to an increased risk of back pain! Smoking decreases the flow of blood and oxygen to spinal discs and may cause them to degenerate more quickly.

8. In 10 People Have Back Pain at Some Point—Are You One of Them?

Get the answers you want and the help you need to start enjoying more active, pain-free days! Call Integrated Pain Solutions at 614-383-6450 to schedule an appointment and discover the wide range of back pain treatments we offer.