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4 Reasons Why Pain Medication May Not Be the Best Option for Pain Relief

4 Reasons Why Pain Medication May Not Be the Best Option for Pain Relief

At Integrated Pain Solutions, we believe that medication is just one tool in the pain control toolbox. But it’s not the only tool, and many professional organizations including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider drug-free treatments like physical therapy and exercise as “first-line” treatment for non-cancer-related pain.

Pain is a complex issue, and relieving it usually involves a combination of approaches. Keep reading to see four reasons why pain medication may not be your best choice.

1. It Treats the Pain but Does Not Improve Your Overall Health

Pain medications may relieve symptoms, but they won’t correct the underlying cause. If you don’t resolve the root issues contributing to your pain – which could include anything from age-related bone loss to an overactive nervous system – then you’re unlikely to truly “get better.”

2. It May Cause Side Effects

Many pain medications have side effects, such as constipation, confusion, weight gain, or organ damage. On the other hand, most drug-free treatments have minimal to no risk of side effects and are safe to use for people of all ages and health backgrounds.

3. Pain Medication Can Be Habit-Forming

Opioids can lead to withdrawal symptoms, tolerance, and addiction. The widespread prescription of narcotics like hydrocodone is a major contributor to the current opioid epidemic in our country, so when physicians do prescribe opioid medication, they will require patients to sign an opioid agreement and agree to periodic drug tests.

4. Evidence-Based Treatments Are Generally More Effective

Conditions like lower back pain or leg pain are often caused by wear-and-tear of the spine. Outpatient procedures such as a pain-relieving implant, or the extraction of excess ligament tissue, treat pain by correcting spinal defects – a much more effective long-term solution.

Do You Need Help With Pain Control?

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