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New Patient Story

  • Author: David Lanham
  • Date Submitted: Aug 11, 2023
Dr. cook has never felt pain except when he had his ass whipped when he was born. They lied to me to get me there and Dr. Cook said he wouldn't give anything strong enough for a man made butcher on my back. I have * screws and 2 spacers and bone and disc. removed and he knew I was in very severe pain and all he cared about was trying to change my lifestyle and use me as a guinea pig and I'm no dog but a man in severe pain and he just wanted the money for my visit more than helping a 61 year old man in severe pain. They want me to wait 4 more weeks in severe pain to come back to please them after waiting 2 months to get in. Let's get together and fight these Drs. that are getting fat off of your pain and could care less. Let's live together pain free.