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New Patient Story

  • Author: Bruce MERWIN
  • Date Submitted: Sep 11, 2022
Dr.McDowell and his team provided outstanding care to my son who suffers from chronic spine pain and sporadic muscle spasms a consequence of injuries received during his military service and deployment in Afghanistan. Dr.McDowell thoroughly reviewed my sons records, MRI and performed a neurologic examination following which he discussed with us a treatment plan geared to try and stop/minimize my sons life altering pain/spasms. Follow up care /visits were also exceptional.They actually listen to the patient allowing for adjustments in the treatment plan. We would also like to complement the receptionists and staff covering the phone calls and call backs. Thanks to the medical treatment provided by Dr.McDowell and staff ,my sons symptoms have lessened improving his quality of life and enabling him to start a new career in a job which he loves. loves.