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Celebrities Who Cope with Chronic Pain

Celebrities Who Cope with Chronic Pain

Those who suffer from chronic pain understand that it means living with more than the pain. There are psychological burdens that come with ongoing suffering. It is tempting to feel like you are alone, and it takes a lot of courage to confront your pain and not let it overcome every aspect of your life.

Before you get lost in feelings of isolation, remember that there are others just like you. Here are a few who also happen to be famous.

Paula Abdul: Back Pain

Paula Abdul is a well-known singer, songwriter, and dancer. Her chronic back pain originated from a series of injuries. She also had to undergo multiple spinal surgeries after a horrific plane crash. On top of that, she became addicted to her painkillers and had to seek help to get clean. In the end, she found what she needed in a minimally invasive procedure that brought her some relief.

Melanie Griffith: Neck Pain

Like Paula Abdul, Melanie Griffith’s pain started with an injury suffered during a car accident. The bubbly actress developed intense neck pain that she struggled to control. Her battle to deal with the pain also led to a medical prescription dependency that required intervention. She is now clean and still working through her pain.

Bono: Back Pain

Bono’s back pain developed because of a problem in his spine. The compression on the sciatic nerve was so severe that he suffered partial paralysis. In his case, surgery was required to avoid further damage. He is now fully functioning and continues to spread his talent as a musical artist around the world.

Elizabeth Taylor: Scoliosis Pain

Elizabeth Taylor is an all-around cultural icon who is known for her skilled acting and complex personal history. She also suffered from intense pain brought on by scoliosis. It developed when she was a child and manifested in severe neck and back pain. Her pain was a part of her life for decades, but she became one of the most recognizable women in history.

Michael Jackson: Chronic Pain

Michael Jackson’s struggles with chronic pain were an ongoing theme in his life. He suffered a severe scalp burn while filming a commercial and developed a drug dependency while attempting to keep up with an extremely demanding tour schedule. Add to this a bulging disc and exhausting choreography, and it’s easy to see how chronic pain became part of his life.

In the end, it’s always a good idea to seek expert advice and guidance. Chronic pain does not discriminate between everyday individuals and celebrities. It doesn’t have to define you, just as it doesn’t define the actors, singers, and performers who suffer from it. That’s why the Center for Pain Management is here to serve Indiana in 3 convenient locations. Our goal is to work with every patient on an individual level to understand their needs and work to provide solutions. Pain management services are for everyone. When you’re ready to build a life that’s not defined by pain, you can call 317-706-7246 to schedule an appointment with a chronic pain specialist.