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Why Join American Pain Consortium?

American Pain Consortium’s Mission is to empower providers to deliver exceptional patient care.

As an employer, our mission is to empower every member of our team to realize their maximum professional potential and create an environment conducive to our shared success. As we look to partner with providers and add value, we also look to add value to our growing team by hiring the brightest minds in the business. We truly understand that our most valuable assets are our team members. American Pain Consortium started in 1993 with a passionate physician who has built a team of leaders to committed to developing the company around passionate, career-driven people and we are proud to boast an organization comprised of them.

Or, in case you prefer Bullet points:

  • It all starts as an idea
    • American Pain Consortium was built by a physician who believed that better service and better results should be available to pain management physicians- so he created a company to provide that support. That has defined our company culture. We encourage ideas and focus on service.
  • Ownership -‘you’re the boss of that’ - Model
    • No matter what position you may be hired into, you were hired because we believe you can own that position. At American Pain Consortium, we expect you to own the process, create opportunities using the provided resources, and develop your leadership skills.
  • Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time
    • Our leadership are working managers which means they work alongside you every day. They are leaders because of their passion for what they do and for helping others achieve excellent results. Ultimately, we would like for you to catch that same fire, so our structure is designed to be accessible. Everyone has access to leaders to promote career development and a 360 degree understanding of the business.
  • We believe in Measurable results and Measurable rewards
    • We believe in providing measurable results for our patients and providers and that those results begin with us every day. We monitor accomplishments and quality in real-time and believe recognition for great performance should be in real time as well.
  • Limits are for Credit Cards, not for careers
    • At American Pain Consortium we don’t limit our growth, so we don’t want to limit yours either.

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American Pain Consortium Health Partners Commitment to Top Performers:

As a Topgrading company our hiring process is unusually thorough. We conduct chronological Topgrading Interviews in which we ask about your entire career and are eager to learn about the successes, mistakes, key decisions, and key relationships that have made you the professional you are today. Finalists for any position will be asked to arrange personal reference calls with former managers.

The benefits to high performers who apply are multi-faceted: (a) you will join a family with almost all high performers, (b) American Pain Consortium’s high performers continue to grow the company, and (c) the growth of the company provides continual opportunities for high performers to take the next step in their career without having to move organizations.

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We build relationships and encourage teamwork by acknolwedging each person's unique contributions and by understanding their expectations. We share responsibility and work toward solutions together.

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