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American Pain Consortium Careers

American Pain Consortium Health Partners is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

American Pain Consortium’s Mission is to empower providers to deliver exceptional patient care.

As an employer, our mission is to empower every member of our team to realize their maximum professional potential and create an environment conducive to our shared success. As we look to partner with providers and add value, we also look to add value to our growing team by hiring the brightest minds in the business. We truly understand that our most valuable assets are our team members. American Pain Consortium started in 1993 with a passionate physician who has built a team of leaders to committed to developing the company around passionate, career-driven people and we are proud to boast an organization comprised of them.

How do I apply and what should I expect?

You can apply by clicking here.

Through the interview process you will have the opportunity to speak with multiple team members, be given plenty of time to discuss you passion and career goals, and ultimately to connect future managers to your previous managers through our reference program. We apply Topgrading principles in our hiring process because we believe every new team member is worth taking the time to get to know. By the time you hit the floor, we’d like you to know enough about us that you are as excited as we are about the opportunities available within American Pain Consortium.


A space for BELONGING

We believe that cultural differences and unique viewpoints make our organization stronger. Our organization flourishes when team members have the security to be their authentic selves.

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