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What You Need to Know

Before you arrive for your initial appointment at Center for Pain Management, here are a few things you need to bring and a few tips on how to be fully prepared.

How Long You May be in Our Office

You must call or contact our offices online to set your first appointment. After a date was chosen, you likely received two times – the time you should arrive at the clinic and the time of your actual appointment. This is to ensure that we have all of your information input correctly so that your physician is equipped with everything they need to help you make informed decisions about your pain management plan. We also want to know as much as possible about your previous pain management treatments so we can develop an understanding of what has and has not worked for you in the past. It is a major component of what helps us give you the best results and avoids wasted time so you can find relief faster.

Please do your best to arrive on time or even shortly before the time you were given by the administrative staff at Center for Pain. If you miss your time or are late, it may prevent you from being seen that day. You will be offered a chance to reschedule after a late arrival or missed time slot, but our policy has a limit for missed appointments. We want to ensure we respect everyone’s time and have the opportunity to serve as many patients as possible.

What to Bring

When you arrive, you can avoid delays if you bring some important documents and other items. Be sure you have the following:

  • A completed new patient registration form, which you can do two ways
    • Download and print the form to fill out before you arrive – download here
    • Complete your paperwork online before you arrive –get started here
  • Your insurance information in the form of an insurance card(s)
  • A valid photo ID
  • All medications you currently take
    • Bring your medications in their correct bottles
    • This includes prescriptions and over-the-counter medications like supplements or vitamins
    • This excludes refrigerated medications
  • Any previous diagnostic imaging you’ve had done
    • MRIs
    • CT scans
    • X-rays
  • Medical documentation from previous providers
    • You can use our Release of Information request form if your provider requires a written release (found in your new patient forms)

You can find all of the necessary documents under Patient Forms. This page also has access to our Opioid Agreement, Patient Referral form for your referring physician, and documents for telehealth visits.

Insurance Requirements

The best resource for insurance questions is always your insurance provider. It is highly recommended that you call your plan provider in advance to ask questions about whether you are covered at our practice and what treatments may or may not be approved. To guide you in this process, we have a list of accepted insurance providers. You can use this as a starting point before inquiring with your provider. You may also want to have our phone number at hand to share with them in case they need to call our office with additional specific questions.

Where to Go

Center for Pain Management has 7 convenient locations throughout Indiana: Indianapolis, Lafayette, Greenwood, Evansville, Jasper, and Rockport. You can learn more about the facility itself, which physicians and clinicians/staff serve at that location, and driving directions for each office.

Additional Resources

Have you ever visited a pain management clinic before? If not, it may help you to know more about our philosophy and approach to treatment.

We believe in treating the patient as a whole because pain’s impact is not purely physical. That is why we provide minimally invasive procedures for your pain and also physical therapy and psychological services. We treat a variety of conditions that affect multiple areas of the body or seem to have no clear point of origin. You can read more about the conditions we treat.

Center for Pain Management offers a variety of treatment options. Our treatments are changing and developing as our physicians continue to research the latest innovations in interventional pain. The idea of having any procedure can be scary, so we have multiple ways for you to get informed. If you prefer to read, you can visit our treatment page. If you learn more easily through auditory and visual sources, we have a video library with detailed animations and a narrator who explains the procedure as you watch.

If you’re looking for a place to learn about pain management, health tips, and more, you can visit our blog.

Finally, if you have another question not answered here, visit our FAQs to try to find what you need.


We aim to exceed expectations in all of our services. Quality is at the center of all of our work. Our team members complete their jobs with accuracy and care, no matter the size of the task.

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